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    Our Mission is Straightforward

    We have been negotiating justice for accident victims since 1980. Our mission is to obtain justice for people who have been permanently disabled or seriously physically injured, or suffered tragedy caused by the negligence or wrongful acts of others. We bring a passion to our work. You deserve justice and our firm is dedicated to achieving real justice for people unable to stand up to or negotiate with impersonal and unfeeling insurance companies. We care about achieving success. We care about clients we represent. Whether you have experienced a wrongful death in the family, a catastrophic injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, a truck accident, or whether you were involved in a motorcycle or pedestrian injury, as a result of no fault of your own, turn to James C. Henderson your Roseville personal injury attorney. Contact us because you deserve justice.

    Free Initial Consultation

    Do not let impersonal insurance companies take advantage of you. If you have suffered a personal injury, loss of a loved one, or serious injury from wrongful conduct, call us for a free consultation. We will evaluate your claim and help you determine the best approach. We investigate and prosecute all our cases on a contingency fee basis.

    Maybe you just have questions about your claim. Contact our office for a free consultation. There is no obligation, and if you do hire us, we only charge a fee when we recover benefits or money for your case.

    How to Preserve Your Claim:

    Many accidents decide to hire an experienced attorney late in the process. Consequently some of the evidence that could be used to prove or enhance the value of their claim is irretrievably lost. Here are some helpful tips should you be the victim of an accident or a loved one has been wrongfully killed:

    • In this age of technology, use you smart phone to take pictures of the accident scene, especially the position of the vehicles before they are moved. And of your seat belt if deployed.
    • Take pictures of any obstructions, road debris or dangerous condition that may have contributed to the accident. Once this evidence is lost it may be difficult to reconstruct the accident.
    • Take pictures of your injuries and the injuries of your passengers. Not just at the scene but periodically, as bruises often take hours to appear and surgery may occur long after the accident.
    • With a click of a button agree to record your conversation with the party at fault and statements by any witness who cannot wait to make statements to police. A picture of a hit and run vehicle may be valuable.
    • If seriously injured go in the ambulance to the ER. Relate every serious symptoms. What is not charted often does not exist in the eyes of the defense.
    • Follow up your ER visit with medical experts and therapist. Be faithful in keeping your medical appointments. Again relate to your doctor new symptoms as they develop. You have a duty to mitigate your damages by seeking medical treatment.
    • It is extremely important to consult with the right medical experts so that nothing about your injury is overlooked and your healing and recovery is maximized. Many clients think that all they need for just compensation is the history of their pain and suffering. This is far from true. It is the underlying nature of the injury that determines the extent of your compensation.
    • Contact your insurance carrier and provide them with a statement as soon as your injuries allow you. Delayed notification can often result in a denial of coverage or services.
    • If you or your loved one has suffered a disabling injury, take a video with your smart phone of their physical impairments. If one picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be Fort Knox.
    • Read carefully all property damage releases. Unscrupulous insurance companies can try to get you to sign a release of all your claims.
    • Resist the urge to settle “on the spot” for hard cash. Your injuries may prove to be far more serious with time.

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