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    A Passion for Words & Commitment to Justice

    Where does a sincere dedication to helping others begin? Henderson Law Firm founder, James C. Henderson, Esq.¬†obtained his bachelor’s degree from Newbold College, England, and his pre-law credits at Loma Linda University, at La Sierra, in Southern California. He is a graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, California.

    James C. Henderson has been in private practice, helping victims and their families, for over 30 years. Upon graduation from law school in 1978, he served as an assistant Dean of Loma Linda School of Law in Redlands, California (Unrelated to Loma Linda University School of Medicine). In 1980, James Henderson moved to Northern California, where he now resides, and entered private practice.

    James c. Henderson is the author of a number of books focused on our ailing healthcare system and Middle Eastern issues, including: Indicted!, The Whisper of the Serpent, Terror over Jerusalem, Scramble for Jerusalem and more.

    Additionally, James C. Henderson is president of the Council on Religious and Civil Liberty (CRCL), and one of the founding members of the CRLC-Haiti Mission Outreach that provides much-needed health and relief services to the people of Haiti through its, medical and dental clinic, water reclamation efforts and more.

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